#iiflwchess: International Master Vishal Sareen on Chess Training

Indian women's national team coach, International Master Vishal Sareen, who is also a FIDE Senior Trainer, gave an hour-long talk to a packed room of parents of young talents participating in the ongoing IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Tournament.

Vishal, in his inimitable fashion, pulled no punches, giving open, honest, and invaluable advice!

Vishal while teaching the students.

Gems of wisdom include the following:

  1. It's the student, and then the trainer.
  2. Kids today cannot be forced to train at chess and the best parents can do is to provide support and be ready with needed infrastructure.
  3. Usually, a child starts chess between 8-9 years of age and everything needs to be done then.
  4. After five years, no later than 13 or 14, then only will the parent be able to decide if it is worthwhile to invest further.
  5. Today, the Grandmaster title is just the start of a chess career.
  6. In training, it is about quality and not quantity but a plan is essential as is the passion by the student to do chess and it is critical to have a routine which prioritizes chess!
  7. Bottomline is that the child must be interested and parents prepared to both invest and to push.
  8. This includes training support but the role of the parent is all important as they have to provide the guidance that the child needs at this stage.
  9. Chess as a profession is not bad in India but the big rewards are there as in all other sports.
  10. Everyone can develop today with the internet making everything possible as playing and training online is available to all.
  11. Lessons with a trainer online however only works with absolute sincerity from both parties.
  12. All formats of the game offer something and for chess to reach the level of popularity of some other sports will happen when there are enough stars in the game.


Text sourced from asianchess.com