#iiflwchess Juniors 01+02: Fluent Start for the Top Seeds

The top seeds were off to a fluent start in the first two rounds of the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Juniors (Under-13) Tournament. The higher seeds were playing significantly lower ranked players. Andhra boy Gukesh D., just ten years of age with a rating of 2236, is the highest seed.

The first big upset happened on the ninth board when Gujarat's Moksh Doshi, with a rating of 1897, was held to a draw by the unheralded Stavin Jain who is rated 500 Elo points below. On the tenth table, Shahil Dey, the tenth seed with a rating of 1886, suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Delhi girl Arya Ranjan who is rated just 1193.

In the second round of the Junior tournament, third-seeded Bengal boy Aronyak Ghosh was held to a draw by Om Manish Kadam. Kadam was rated more than 700 points below Aronyak. A total of 186 hungry juniors are competing from across India and five other countries. With a prize fund of Rs. 8 lakhs, the tournament is the richest junior chess championship in the world.


Andhra boy Gukesh D., just ten years of age with a rating of 2236, is the highest seed.
The ticking chess clock invokes the same fear as a ticking time bomb.
The giant killing Arya Ranjan rated just 1193.
Young Jeet Shah enacts a version of the famous Norwegian painting ''The Scream''. It is considered to be the Mona Lisa of the modern times.
When you know you are about to lose, you enter a state of shock, a zone so dark that you can see nothing but sadness in front of you.
Round 3 on 2016/12/28 at 09:30 am
Bo.   Name   Rtg FED Type Pts Res. Pts   Name   Rtg FED Type
1   Yutesh P   1694 IND   2.0 - 2.0 CM Gukesh D   2236 IND U10
2 FM Mohammad Fahad Rahman   2213 BAN   2.0 - 2.0   Abhinessh S   1679 IND  
3   Shelke Sankarsha   2175 IND   2.0 - 2.0   Dhrupad Kashyap   1618 IND  
4   Spandan P Seth   1612 IND   2.0 - 2.0   Pranav V   2040 IND U10
5   Sreeshwan Maralakshikari   1968 IND U10 2.0 - 2.0   Chhabra Aakash   1609 IND  
6   Jain Kashish Manoj   1609 IND   2.0 - 2.0   Anuj Shrivatri   1961 IND  
7   Jishitha D F 1955 IND   2.0 - 2.0   Mhatre Rahat Rahul   1607 IND  
8   Kabir Belgikar   1594 IND   2.0 - 2.0   Aditya Guhagarkar   1876 IND  
9   Manthan Kashyap Datta   1592 IND   2.0 - 2.0   Harshavardhan G B   1870 IND  
10   Chandratreya Prachiti F 1561 IND   2.0 - 2.0   Dhanush Ragav   1824 IND  

Text and Visuals by Priyadarshan Banjan