It's Not a Tournament, It's a Festival!

The many innovations at the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Tournament being held from 26 December 2016 to 3 January 2017 have stunned both Indian organizers and players.

Besides offering playing conditions unseen In India on top of the largest prize fund in the world for its U-13 tournament, there is an unprecedented use of technology from its state of the art website that is updated with news and videos in real time, supports live broadcast of games, and even has its own phone app.

The spectators enjoy comfortable facilities including a free flow of water, tea, and coffee, and there are vendors providing both meals and snacks.

Every day there are workshops on various important topics of interest to chess parents including chess advice, exercise and nutrition, and various dialogues as well as the screening of free movies for their entertainment.

Workshop in progress

A very well attended ChessBase technology workshop conducted by ChessBase India co-founder Sagar Shah aptly started with the tribute to the organizers: "It's Not a Tournament, It's a Festival!"

What better way to describe an event that is already setting the bar for Indian chess!