#IIFLW: The Best Place to Play Chess in India

The Indian Chess School and IIFL Wealth in association with Mount Litera School International are pleased to present the IIFL Wealth 2nd Mumbai International Chess Tournament. A twin tournament with the Open and Junior categories, the chess championship kicks off from 26th December 2016 at the Mount Litera School International.


The 2nd edition of IIFL Wealth is a now a norm event with a fabulous prize fund of INR 12 Lakhs or the US $ 18,500 approx., with IM and GM norm opportunities. The junior (U-13) event has once again raised the benchmark. With a prize fund of US $ 12500, it continues to be billed as 'World's Richest' tournament for kids.


Let the games begin!

Surabhi Goel of Mount Litera School International, Ravindra Dongre of Maharashtra Chess Association, Praful Zaveri of Indian Chess School and the MD of IIFL Wealth Karan Bhagat

The tournament is powered by the vision and efforts of FI Praful Zaveri of Indian Chess School.

Notes from Karan Bhagat before the 1st edition:

'Chess gives children the exposure that is hard to earn in other fields and this is why I think it is a great game!' - Karan Bhagat

Mr. Bhagat pointed out that amongst the primary things Indian chess needs to address is the lack of infrastructure for conducting quality chess tournaments. A place dedicated to chess can make a world of difference and this tournament is a step in the right direction. He further pledged a support of five years for the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International event and said that they are developing more plans in their effort to support our beautiful game.

The mainstream press turned up in favourable numbers for the press conference.

IM Shardul Gagare and Mr. Karan Bhagat flanked by the cream of Mumbai chess's talents: Ananya Gupta, Kush Bhagat, Raahil Mullick, Aditya Mittal and Parnali Dharia.

The arbiters and officials are hard at work to make the event a walk to remember!

Tamil Nadu's 10-year-old Gukesh D., rated 2252 Elo. (!), is the top seed in the Juniors Section.

The tournaments are scheduled for nine rounds under the Swiss System with the time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds for 40 moves and 30 minutes + 30 seconds for the remaining moves.

The top fifteen boards will be played on DGT boards and will be adorned by the DGT 3000 clocks. The first edition earlier this year was the first Indian Open to use these beautifully built clocks!

The remaining games will be played on classic wooden boards.


Check out the starting list for the Open here.

Check out the starting list for the Junior tournament here.

...and that's how you go ahead in life.

Text and Photos by Priyadarshan Banjan