#IIFLW: World's Youngest International Master - Praggnanandhaa R.!

Praggnanandhaa R. — the next Anand?

Uzbek GM Marat Dzhumaev was hanging on to dear life in the chill of Delhi as a ten-year-old youngster kept pressing, giving him no respite. Time pressure did not help the grandmaster either, but he had a lucky escape as he played accurately to hold the draw. The boy seemed to be putting in more efforts to pick the pieces from the last rank than in calculating one of the many tough variations. He was disappointed that he could get no more than a draw.

This was in Delhi in January 2016. The young boy had a confusing name and was just 10 years old, rated around 2100, at the time. His name is Praggnanandhaa — or, Praggn-Anand-Haa.

India's love affair with 'Anand' is destined to continue long after the original master with that name would retire.

The next tournament in Chennai in the same month was nothing special. The third tournament he played that month was the first edition of the IIFLW Mumbai International Open.

His performance was not breathtaking...

But little did people know that this was the beginning of something special. IIFLW tournament proved to be just the launchpad he needed. In the very next event that Praggnanandhaa played in Cannes in France, he unexpectedly registered his first IM norm!

And in the next tournament in Russia, the super-strong Aeroflot Open, he scored yet another IM norm.

Praggu on his way to victory over a grandmaster!

A few months later at Bhubaneshwar in Odisha, Praggu registered his final IM norm and crossed the 2400 barrier at the same time to become the youngest international master in chess history!

Praggu before the start of the game where he created history!

But it all began from that one event in Mumbai. Tournaments like #IIFLW Mumbai International go a long way in promoting chess in India. It creates a playground for talents like Praggnanandhaa to blossom and shine!

Praggnanandhaa at the 1st IIFLW Mumbai International

Some interesting facts about IM Praggnanadhaa R

  1. He increased a whopping 275 Elo points since IIFL wealth first edition.
  2. He is the youngest IM in the history at the age of 10 years and 10 months.
  3. His aim is to cross 3000 rating in chess