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Bombay, 1983

It was a sultry May afternoon at the Indian Institute of Technology campus in Powai, Bombay. The National Team Chess Championship was in progress and one of the boards had many spectators crammed around it, trying to take a glimpse of the unfolding drama as one of the players was in time pressure. The conditions were sweaty yet a 13-year-old boy sat there wrapped in blankets and woolen clothes, with his mother sitting beside him. He was down with fever but had insisted on playing for his team - the Madras Colts.

Facing him was IM Manual Aaron, a 9-time National champion and an Indian legend who had beaten the likes of Euwe and Portisch. The boy had managed to hoodwink him once before but this time he was determined. However, the position did not favour Aaron. He tried to think of a way to survive, consuming a lot of time in the process. He made his move.

Thud! Thud! It was his move again.

A visibly shocked Aaron offered his hand in resignation. His opponent had taken a mere thirty minutes to play all his moves — the Lightning Kid.

This victory served an important purpose as the stupendous performance of the young Madras team, led by the 13-year old Anand, brought national recognition to his talent. A small step for the young man, a giant leap for his legend!

A young Anand on a Tamil magazine cover from the '80s. [Photo: Venkatachalam Kameswaran]

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Thumbnail Picture by Lennart Ootes at the London Chess Classic 2016