#IIFLWChess: Kids' Emotions during the Games-01

Everybody loves little kids. And one of the main reasons this is true is because they are innocent and honest. During a chess game in progress, they do not profess to hide their inner emotions.

As we unveil our new hashtag '#IIFLWChess', let us celebrate some of the heart-melting moments from the first edition of the IIFL Wealth Mumbai Open.

The joy of winning: Raunak Sadhwani shares his happiness after winning the first edition of IIFL Wealth Junior Open. Aiming to become the next Anand?
His fiery talent is in complete contrast to his sweet manners. Aditya Mittal almost won the tournament!
The pure shock and surprise on his face is priceless.
Angry Birds face each other? No, these are actually two Indian super-talents fighting a battle to prove their superiority.
When the move is too bouncy, duck!
The stress during the game... Only a chess player can tell you why chess is tougher than moving wood on a chessboard.

 More will follow...

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Visuals and Text by Priyadarshan Banjan